Project Schedule, Detour Plan and Final Configuration depicted at bottom of page.

Friday, June 20, 2014

This week A. Lamp Concrete Contractors installed the temporary asphalt pavement as needed to accommodate the new traffic pattern for storm sewer installation on the east side of the project.  On Wednesday A. Lamp mobilized a storm sewer crew on the west end of the project.  Thursday the storm sewer crew began installation of storm sewer west of the railroad tracks.  On Friday the crew relocated an existing fire hydrant and continued storm sewer installation.

Next week A. Lamp is scheduled to continue storm sewer installation at the west end of the project Monday through Wednesday and then they will relocate to the east end of the project to install storm sewer on Thursday and Friday.  Additionally, next week, Monday A. Lamp will re-stripe the roadway to reflect a new traffic pattern utilizing the temporary pavement. Tuesday they will be grinding asphalt at the east end of the job over the proposed storm sewer trench."