Project Schedule, Detour Plan and Final Configuration depicted at bottom of page.

Friday, August 15, 2014

This week A. Lamp Concrete Contractors completed installation of all storm sewers within the roadway limits on West Lake Avenue.  A. Lamp also continued survey work associated with the roadway excavation.  A. Lamp’s crews also began removal of existing pavement and excavation for the new roadway and curb.  The traffic pattern was reconfigured this week to allow one way westbound traffic only until August 23 (for additional information on this, please see the previous blog post).


Next week, A. Lamp is scheduled to continue excavation of the roadway, installation of the roadway stone base, and installation of curb and gutter.  Traffic will remain one way west bound for the remainder of next week.  Traffic delays should be expected during this work.


Please be reminded that the detour was put into effect to re-route regional traffic away from the construction site.  Any traffic that is not going to or from a business or residence within the project limits should use the detour to avoid lengthy delays.