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Monday, October 20, 2014

Concrete Sidewalk and Bike Path Nearly Completed

Last week A. Lamp Concrete Contractors poured the majority of the concrete for the sidewalks and bike paths along the south side of the roadway and a few gaps on the north side of the roadway. Approximately 85% of all the concrete sidewalks and bike path have been installed at this point. The contractor also excavated for one of the last remaining portions of sidewalk just east of Elmdale and anticipate pouring the concrete for that portion of the bike path this week. Last week the contractor also installed a majority of the asphalt driveways, including the binder and surface lifts. The asphalt contractor paved the roadway widening along Greenwood Road from the project limits to West Lake Avenue. The electrical contractor continued to install various items associated with the proposed traffic signal including concrete structures and loop detectors.

This week A. Lamp Concrete Contractors will continue to work on the concrete sidewalk and bike path, hopefully completing all work associated with those items. A. Lamp is also anticipating to complete the remaining asphalt driveways restorations. The underground crew is anticipated to be on-site to install a few remaining catch basins along West Lake Avenue and culverts along Greenwood Road. The contractor will also begin to excavate for the roadway ditch where no curb & gutter existing and grading the landscaping between the sidewalk or bike path and curb & gutter. If work progresses as anticipated and weather conditions are favorable, the asphalt pavement surface layer should be installed in 1-2 weeks.