Project Schedule, Detour Plan and Final Configuration depicted at bottom of page.

Friday, November 21, 2014

This week, the electrical subcontractor activated the traffic signals at the intersection of Greenwood Road and West Lake Avenue, which appears to have had a positive effect on traffic flow.  The electrical subcontractor also installed foundations for the street lights located east of Pickwick Lane and near Pfingsten Road on West Lake Avenue.  The landscaping subcontractor continued installation of sod in the early in the week, but due to cold weather their supplier could not get sod late in the week.  Additionally, the fence subcontractor was onsite removing and replacing the fence from the railroad tracks to the east approximately 300 feet.

Next week, the landscaping subcontractor is scheduled to continue sod and seed installation if the weather is suitable.  The electrical subcontractor is scheduled to install conduit and wiring in preparation for the installation of the street lights.  A. Lamp Concrete Contractors will continue to clean up and remove construction signage, debris, and unused material.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Traffic Signals to be Activated. Landscape Restoration On-Going.

Last week, the landscape contractor performed landscape grading, installation of topsoil, and laying of sod. The electrical contractor continued with the installation of the traffic signal equipment.

This week, the traffic signals are scheduled to be turned on and fully operational by the end of the day Monday. There might be some minor delays during the traffic signal start-up as the signal is being tested and optimized for traffic flow.

The electrical contractor is also hoping to excavate and pour the street light foundations for the remaining street lighting along the project site.

The landscape restoration will also continue this week as the sod and grass seed is installed. All landscape restorations will be evaluated in the spring to ensure a healthy stand of grass is established and settled or uneven areas are repaired.

The signing contractor is anticipated to complete the installation of the permanent traffic control signing this week. The temporary construction signing is in the process of being removed as appropriate based on the construction progress. A majority of the temporary construction traffic control devices should be removed by the end of the week.

Also this week, the fence contractor is scheduled to be on-site installing the fence on the south side of West Lake Avenue at designated locations.

One of the major items of work that will be carried over to the spring of 2015 is the installation of parkway trees. Beyond that, it is anticipated only minor punch list items will remain following this construction season.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

This week A. Lamp Concrete Contractors completed the remaining asphalt driveways and minor underground utility work.  Additionally, the landscaping subcontractor was onsite installing, grading and pulverizing topsoil.

Next week the landscaping subcontractor is scheduled to continue topsoil installation and begin sod installation.  Additionally, the electrical subcontractor is scheduled to continue work on the traffic signals and street lighting.  A. Lamp is scheduled to continue cleaning up the site and completing various minor operations

Sunday, November 2, 2014

This week A. Lamp Concrete Contractors continued grading ditch lines and parkways along West Lake Ave. and Greenwood Rd. in preparation for landscaping.  A. Lamp also poured the remaining concrete driveways, sidewalk and curb on the project on Friday.  The pavement marking subcontractor was onsite installing permanent pavement markings which were completed Monday.  Additionally, the electrical subcontractor was prepping for installation of foundations for streetlights east of Pickwick Lane.


Next week A. Lamp is scheduled to complete the remaining asphalt driveway pavement and grading in preparation for landscaping.  The landscaping subcontractor is scheduled to begin installation of topsoil and sod next week.  The electrical subcontractor is scheduled to begin augering for and installing concrete foundations for street lighting east of Pickwick Lane