Project Schedule, Detour Plan and Final Configuration depicted at bottom of page.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

This week A. Lamp Concrete Contractors continued grading ditch lines and parkways along West Lake Ave. and Greenwood Rd. in preparation for landscaping.  A. Lamp also poured the remaining concrete driveways, sidewalk and curb on the project on Friday.  The pavement marking subcontractor was onsite installing permanent pavement markings which were completed Monday.  Additionally, the electrical subcontractor was prepping for installation of foundations for streetlights east of Pickwick Lane.


Next week A. Lamp is scheduled to complete the remaining asphalt driveway pavement and grading in preparation for landscaping.  The landscaping subcontractor is scheduled to begin installation of topsoil and sod next week.  The electrical subcontractor is scheduled to begin augering for and installing concrete foundations for street lighting east of Pickwick Lane